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Monday, April 03, 2006

Bloggers Point to Southwest Regional Spaceport

New MeXico Spaceport blogger Mike McConnell created a GIS aerial map of the Southwest Regional Spaceport site enabling blogger David Simmons to find the Upham location and conduct some ground truthing as well as provide some "lats and longs " GPS coordinates with several photographs. But, perhaps, the GIS and GPS will not be needed in the short-term as construction is underway at the estimated $225-million dollar space facility. But for those desiring to look at the pre-spaceport site, McConnell and Simmons have provided a means through their respective Blogs.

The New MeXico Department of Economic Development has a web page with with information about the spaceport including a Business Plan and a Futron Economic Impact Study. The New Mexico government has even created a blog called Pulsar about the New Race to Space. The New Mexico "Space Trail" denotes a number of historic space sites too. One thing is for certain: Upham, New MeXico will never be the same! Soon it will have more visitors than it has had in population over the past 300 years along with well marked roads and highways to space.

1 comment:

Mike McConnell said...

Thanks, Jack. Saw your comment message. Liked your site and added your blog link on my blogsite. I plan to be there October for the 2006 X-Prize.