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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spacediving: Next Extreme Sport?

One extreme sport that suborbital rockets now under development may enable is Spacediving. Joe Kittinger, Jr. is the last spacediver over White Sands, New Mexico in 1960. He still holds the record of a 102,800 feet space jump. The jump resulted in free fall for 4.5 minutes at speeds up to 714 mph and temperatures as low as -94 degrees F.

In the near future extreme sports space divers may take a rocket fight to the edge of space, proceed to jump out, and while wearing a counter pressure suit, free fall to earth 50 miles (more or less) with the guaranteed thrill of a lifetime. A space board ride through the atmosphere add to the exciting possibilities!

The best book on the topic is entitled: The Pre-Astronauts published in 1995. Development of spacediving may enable greater safety for a stricken space vehicles in the future if the technology is perfected.


Anonymous said...

I can't understand why people want to take such risks. There isn't much information about space diving on the internet. Maybe you can put some information on your site about why people want to do space diving? I can't find anything about that.

skydivers said...

The history of extreme sports is still evolving. Some extreme sports combine the techniques and physical skills of two or more sports, often mainstream sports that were once considered extreme. There is no doubt that as new techniques are tried and experimented with, the history of extreme sports will include many new and daring innovations.