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Sunday, April 09, 2006

SS2 to Fly Through the Aurora Borealis at Sweden Spaceport

Virgin Galactic has an amazing new spaceport plan for the northern tip of Sweden which will offer one of the most thrilling rides in history. Sir Richard Branson's space firm will loft passengers aboard SpaceShipTwo through the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in 2011 for what may prove to be the one of the more colorful spaceflights of the fledging commercial era.

Virgin's European space centre space will be built and in-operation in 2008 at Kiruna in the far north of Sweden. It is a place so close to the North Pole that it is near to the Northern Lights, said Will Whitehorn, the president of Virgin Galactic. The spaceport will also be near the famed Sweden Ice Hotel site of the James Bond movie, Die Another Day.

1 comment:

Mikael de Rzewuski said...

Interesting! I wonder how the radiation/plasma/electrical charges will affect the passengers inside the SS2. Fried passengers anyone? ;)