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Saturday, April 08, 2006

X-37 Flys from Mojave Spaceport

The X-37 flew from the Mojave Spaceport Friday on a successful autonomous flight and landing at Edwards Air Force Base. The only reported "anomaly" was that it went off the runway, a DARPA spokeswoman said.

The X-37 was lofted to 37,000 feet by the White Knight, the same vehicle that took SpaceshipOne spaceward in 2004. The X-37 is largely classified for national security but was viewed as a potential military space bomber. Friday's test flight is expected to be the first of several.

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Anonymous said...

As you might know (or maybe not) the concept of a "space bomber" was investigated by the Germans in the guise of a Sanger design proposal for a similar craft. It only reached a paper conceptual stage, however.

It's helpful to remember that all this "new" technology is not particularly new. It's just that someone finally cut or cast metal or composite for the ideas.