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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Final Frontier in Space Biz

The old adage that "the undertaker will be the last person to let you down" may no longer be true if you exercise another option. The coming Commerial Space Era may enable the undertaker to be the last person to lift you up -- to orbit, the Moon, or to the heavens beyond!

Texas-based Space Services, Inc. is offering commercial cremated burial in outer space on memorial spaceflights. The firm is planning its 2007 Explorer Flight from the Vandenberg spaceport on a SpaceX booster to pay final tribute in over 200 deceased Earthlings who shared a passion for space. On launch day family and friends come to watch the remains thrust into space. The cost is less than $15,000.

While the idea is not new with about 150 remains having been launched to low Earth orbit, only one Dr. Eugene Shoemaker's remains have been placed on the moon by the Lunar Prospector in 1999. In January of this year, part of the remains of astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered the planet Pluto, were sent into deep space aboard the New Horizons spacecraft.

In addition to Space Services, Inc., Difinity, Inc.will send remains plus a DNA sample into space while Columbad's Starburst Memorial will launch your ashes around the world. The space burial services industry is expected to grow as space access costs diminish.