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Saturday, June 17, 2006

North Korea Plans Space Launch

Democratic People's Republic of Korea is said to be preparing for the launch of the Taepodong 2 intercontinental ballistic missile from its now space imaged [photos] Musudan military spaceport. The ICBM stands over 105' tall, nearly 8' wide with a maximum range of 9,300 miles. Intelligence satellites have detected activity at Musudan spaceport for days indicating launch preperations.

The Taepodong 2 is believed to have 3-stages. The 1st is thought to be a cluster of No Dong missiles. The 2nd stage is believed to be a No Dong missile. The 3rd stage might be a solid-fueled system.

A similar booster was used in 1998 to allegedly launch North Korea's 1st satellite on a flight path over Japan. No similar orbital launch has been undertaken the past 8-years. NPR audio.


Chairman Mao said...

According to North Korean unofficial internet sources, the DPRK seems to be preparing for another Baekdosan 2/3 SLV launch at the new Tongchangdong Space Launch Center. New first stage and second stage engines are said to have been used for the first time. Fuelling process is said to have started. Could it be the "new 16 engines rocket" and associated with the "700 kg communication satellite" announced earlier on occasion of the UN General Assembly in New York by Iranian President Mahmmud Ahmadinejad ?

-Friday, October 03th, 2008 17:53:27 AM Beijing Time

Chairman Mao said...

On the October 2nd, 2008 edition of the South Korean Dong-A Ilbo, new solid motors for the first stage are said to be used. It is unclear if these are solid boosters.

-Saturday, October 04th, 2008 16:44:27 AM Beijing Time