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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Starchaser Building New Mexico "Rocket City" Complex

Britian-based Starchaser Industries, Inc. is planning the construction of a $100-million, 120-acre site to serve the Southwest Regional Spaceport near Upham, New Mexico spearheaded by entrepreneur Steve Bennett.

The incrementally planned development will include as space-themed hotel and conference center, rocket manufacturing facilities, training facilities for would-be suborbital astronauts, an office complex, space related exhibits, restaurants, and other space-themed facilities. The new location off Interstate Highway 10, just west of Las Cruces, is expected to employ 300 people at completion. No date for completion was set.

Starchaser has been designing and building several test-rockets including a suborbital flight spacecraft known as Thunderstar. The vehicle will enter the competitive commercial race for suborbital tourist passangers.

British billionaire Richard Branson previously announced his own plans for a space city to be built near the spaceport. Both Branson and Bennett will have to deal with American and British regulators for launching spacecraft to comply with international space treaties.


moni said...

What a wonderful site you have here. I have put a link on my journal and I would like a permanent link too, if that is ok.

Don said...

Nice to know where the future space base will be; if I has some spare $, I'd be moving there now./