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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Validating a Viable Spaceport

The Virginia-based Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport was featured in a story published in the Virginian-Pilot Friday noting the decade-long effort by business and government officials to tout the site for commercial lauch activities. The first is set Monday, December 11 with three more orbital launch attempts in 2007.

Dr. Billie Reed, the Executive Director of the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority was quoted as saying, "This validates us as a viable spaceport. Having an orbital launch to your credit makes you real."

Jon Glass, writing for the Virginian-Pilot, noted that "the spaceport plans to use the upcoming launches as a sales pitch to lure more customers, showing that it can rapidly ramp up for launches at a small fraction of the cost charged by competitors."

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Michael Mealling said...

Many of us have attempted to talk to MARS but the pricing is still all wrong. In many cases we do not need or want range services since they are provided by government agencies that price their service to high. For MARS to be competitive it will have to get the price per launch to the launch provider below $5000 for a suborbital and below $100,000 or an orbital. Can they do that?