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Monday, November 27, 2006

Chinese Men and Women Ready to be Space Tourists on VG-SS2

A Chinese businessman is set to become the nation's first suborbital space tourist when Virgin Galactic commences commercial space flights in 2009 from New Mexico. The Zhejiang Province entrepreneur will pay US$200,000 to take the 3.5-hour ride, including 30 minutes in space, according to a report circulating in China.

The name of the first Chinese commercial space tourist is being withheld but he is said to be under 40 and wealthy. There are more than 20 Chinese, most of whom are entrepreneurs running private companies, who are planning to take the Virgin Galactic space trek. The group included three businesswomen, one from Sichuan Province, one from Beijing and another from Hong Kong.

Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York, the 18 year old granddaughter of the Queen of England, is also reportedly preparing for a space flight aboard the Virgin Galactic space fleet. Virgin Galactic plans to send 520 people into space in about 100 launches during its first year.

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Darnell Clayton said...

That will be nice to see!

Adding some Asian flavor in the cosmos may help promote some diversity. ;)


Just discovered your blog (and love the theme). You should see if you could redesign it to add some "flavor" to the site (perhaps an image of a space port in the header).