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Friday, November 03, 2006

Virgin Will Launch from Woomera Outback Too

The Australian Woomera launch site may become the second human suborbital spaceport site for Virgin Galactic in addition to Spaceport America in Upham, New Mexico.

Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn, on the company website, says: "(Australia) will be our second location. With plenty of open space and proximity to the Asian market."

The Outback town is also the planned home for Rocketplane-Kistler which is undertaking a $100-million upgrade to the Woomera launch facilities.

Rocketplane Kistler has secured a $272 million NASA contract to launch rockets from Woomera, carrying cargo to the International Space Station. It has scheduled the first launch of its K-1 cargo rocket from Woomera in late 2008 with commercial suborbital flights beginning there as well should plans proceed.


Richard said...

are you the same jack kennedy out of west virginia?

JackKennedy said...

This "Jack Kennedy" is in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the western most part of the state, actually, to the surprise and confusion of many, west of West Virginia! :-)