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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Buckeye Spaceport in the Making with PlanetSpace for 2007?

In a surprise disclosure, PlanetSpace is in talks with Ohio economic development officials regarding the siting of a spaceport along U.S. 23 southeast of Columbus at the Rickenbacker International Airport in Franklin County, according to Alan Boyle of MSNBC.

Indian-American entrepreneur Chirinjeev Kathuria, a major investor in Planet Space, was said to expect an approximate $20-million dollar package of tax credits, financing programs and training grants for the nascent space launch firm.

Ohio officials were told PlanetSpace would create 512 jobs directly and lead to 850 more indirect-impact jobs by the third year of operation. The venture was projected to spend $147 million on local goods and services in the first five years and generate cumulative gross revenues of $367.5 million by 2012, Boyle reported Kathuria as saying.

PlanetSpace is building the Silver Dart and the Canadian Arrow. PlanetSpace recently announced plans to build an orbital spaceport in Canada in an effort to gain contracts to transport supplies to the International Space Station in 2009 or thereafter. Here is the latest report from The Columbus Dispatch.

1 comment:

Darnell Clayton said...

Only time will tell whether or not these space ports will become quite profitable.

If so, we may see more states adding them to their list of toys in their playgrounds, and hopefully hundreds of these popping up around the world as well.


Although that would give you a lot of topics to blog about. ;)