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Friday, January 26, 2007

Space Weaponization Predicted by People's Liberation Army Colonel W/O New Arms Treaty

An influential senior colonel in the People's Liberation Army has indicated that there will be an arms race in space without a space treaty to ban their use.

Senior Colonel Yao Yunzhu, 52, brought up China's recent successful test of an anti-satellite weapon during a World Economic Forum. The director of the Asia-Pacific Office at the Academy of Military Science in Beijing said, "My prediction: Outer space is going to be weaponized in our lifetime."

"My wish is we really want to keep space as a peaceful place for human beings," she said, adding that China would like all countries to come to a consensus that space should be used only for peaceful purposes."

AGI provided a powerful animation w/sound of the anti-satellite test and the challenges posed by the weapon debris in orbit. Timothy Keating, commander of U.S. Northern Command noted, ""This is a cause for concern ... In executing this test they have created potential significant problems for international space flight."

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