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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Eric Anderson Touts Space Commercialization to VOA

With the launch of the fifth commercial space tourist, software developer Charles Simonyi, to the Interntaional Space Station now but days away, Eric Anderson, president and CEO of Space Adventures believes that a new for-profit-driven space race is a positive sign for the future in an interview posted on the Voice of America [video].
Anderson believes space is an incredible new frontier for business. The Virginia-based Space Adventures has earned over $120 million in sales for offering commercial seats to the public.

"When you find millions of people who want to go into space and we find a way to be able to take them there, that creates the opportunity for space entrepreneurs,” Aderson told VOA.

Anderson believes that 30 to 40 years from now it will be within the reach for the great percentage of the world population to travel to space. "What we are doing today is much more than just rich people buying trips to space. It is actually the catalyst that will open up the future where all of us will be able to go to space."

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