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Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 8 Launch ON for Atlas V with Space Test Program-1

March 8th at 9:37 PM EST an Atlas V with the STP-1 payload has been cleared for launch by United Launch Alliance (ULA) managers from the Cape Canaveral Complex 41 spaceport.

The Space Test Program 1, an Air Force program to launch 7 seperate satellites and test the Orbital Express in-space refuling system. The satellites include: ASTRO (Autonomous Space Transfer & Robotic Orbiter), NextSat, MidStar-1, FalconSat-3 , STPsat-1, CFESat, and NPSat-1 (Naval Postgraduate School Satellite-1. The payload will be using a Centaur upper stage.

A February 2007 AIAA Aerospace America article provides details of the goals of the orbital space mission.

The Launch Hotline is: 877-852-4321. One may read the launch Blog here or watch the launch LIVE via webcast. 9:37-11:42 p.m. EST is the launch window.


pat said...

Great stuff, keep it comming!

BaliBanzai said...

Great stuff, keep it comming!