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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Everything is a 'GO' at Wallops

The Virginia-based Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport is being readied for a Monday 3:11 AM night launch of a classified military payload from the commercial launch facility marking the sceond boost to orbit from the site in four months reports The Virginian Pilot today.

"Everything's a go," says Dr. Billie Reed, director of the spaceport.

The spaceport is banking on more government business and hopes to draw in commercial operators, with an eye toward space tourism. Already, it and NASA Wallops have two more launches on tap, one for NASA that will test a new launch vehicle and another for the Air Force, reports Jon Glass.

"We're hearing rumblings and beginning to see launch five and six on the horizon," said Rick Baldwin, the spaceport's manager, "and we're looking forward to bigger things in the future."

The spaceport, located in Accomack County, Virginia, is operated by the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority in partnership with Maryland.

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