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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Myasishchev / Space Adventures Suborbital Has 200 Applicants

Virginia-based Space Adventures has 200 applicates for suborbital space flights aboard a developing Russian-made spacecraft according to reports of comments made by the company's Vice President Chris Faranetta.

Faranetta also said that the Myasishchev firm remains the company's Russian partner. Under a joint project, suborbital spaceships will be launched from Myasishchev M-55 high-altitude planes to the stratosphere. Each spaceship will carry a crew of eight-ten members. A flight will tentatively cost some $100,000.

The vehicle is expected to use its own engines to take tourists to near-Earth space, where they will stay several minutes in zero gravity conditions and then return to Earth. Spaceports are expected to be built in Indonesia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates to accommodate the flights, Faranetta said.


dean said...

And just who's goin' to finance development and production?

JackKennedy said...

Space Adventures indicated in the Russian media that it seeks investors for the project. Perhaps they actually will. I hope so.