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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prayers for Virginia Tech Student Kristina Heeger

Described by The Washington Post as "an amazing, beautiful girl," Virginia Tech student Kristina Heeger was among those injured in the shooting rampage Monday on the southwestern Virginia campus in Blacksburg. reports that Kristina is the step-daughter of Space Adventures CEO Eric Anderson of Vienna, Va.

We can only lend prayers and well-wishes to Kristina for a complete and speedy recovery now and in the days ahead. The grief and distress of the Anderson family is shared by every Hokie parent today and by those in the NewSpace industry.


Anonymous said...

Kristina Heeger is born in the Ukraine in 1988. It was then part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and it was called then Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. In Ukrainian is was Ukrayins’ka Radyans’ka Sotsialistychna Respublika.

Anonymous said...

Kristina Heeger is still lives in Virginia. Her father's name is Marshall Heeger, and therefore, due to her birthplace in the Ukraine, her name might be Kristina Marshallovna Heeger.