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Friday, May 11, 2007

Steorn Free Energy Claim Day of Judgment Coming Very Soon

Steorn Ltd. is an Irish technology firm that claimed last year to have developed technology that smashes one of the basic laws of physics by producing "free energy" will publicly demonstrate the technology in London, England in July. Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy, [August 2006 video], provided a global scientific challenge nearly a year ago.

The Dublin-based Steorn [video] says it has developed developed a perpetual motion machine/device considered to be an impossibility since it would violate the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and the first law of thermodynamics in particular.

The technology is said to create energy based on the interaction of magnetic fields that can be applied to virtually all devices requiring energy, from a flashlight to airplanes, McCarthy told Fox News in 2006 [video].

A panel of 22 scientists chosen by Steorn began the process of validation of Steorn's technology, branded "Orbo." McCarthy has released a recent video update on the vilidation testing [April, 2007].

Nikola Tesla, the father of the 20th Century, sought to develop similar technology decades ago, he was deemed the "mad scientist" in this very field. While several debunk the firm Steorn as a hoax, this Blogger, and everyone who stops at a gasoline pump, hopes that Steorn's technologies are proven right. The firm's success would add new meaning to the word "revolutionary." Hear BBC Radio 4 interview with McCarthy and interviews with members of the Blogger Forum.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting Steorn. We need to fight public opinion, the media, academia and the oil industry. Good blogs like this one will help ensure we never need to syop ata service station ANYMORE!!

JackKennedy said...

Frankly, we all must be a skeptic but there must be hope in the ability for human innovation. Laws of physics, as well as those of man, have exceptions.

In fact, I like Steorn Plan C, build the car! Bring it to Washington and challenge the media to watch it go 24 x 7 across North America from Washington to LA or San Francisco. This, in my judgment, would prove the worth of the technology and create public demand.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a car. All you need is the simplest possible device that runs without stopping and without the need for batteries, fuel or any other energy source. That would revolutionize the world. Also, it's not likely to happen.