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Friday, July 27, 2007

Explosion at Mojave Spaceport

A significant explosion at the Mojave Spaceport in the California desert that houses civilian rocket programs has killed three people and injured three. Details are forthcoming in video from KNBC News. The Bakersfield Californian provides even more details and interview with Burt Rutan.


Outdoorsman said...

This is sad. My thoughts are with them. I hope it doesn't derail private space development. It is a risky business and unfortunately, this is somewhat expected, especially in the early days we are undoubtedly a part of.

Anonymous said...

If these unfortunate men were astronauts, there would be saturation news coverage and endless 'analysis' ie speculation. As it is, most people will soon forget or never know this happened, and only those of us who keep an eye out for it will know the cause when it is found.

As this was not the result of a test engine firing, there is a chance that the cause will not reflect badly on the safety of SpaceDev's hybrid motors, and SS2 and DreamChaser can proceed. But Benson will have to start defending their 'our rockets can't explode' claim once this event is understood.

Anonymous said...

Tragic yes, but an understood risk facing all who are involved with the ‘privatization of space’ movement.

The risks are real but the rewards are great. My heart goes out to all of the Scaled Composites team.

Keep going. We’re all with you.