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Friday, July 27, 2007

Virginia Has a Very Good Chance with SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport is "best site in the world for space station missions" Elon Musk told listeners on Dr. David Livingston's Space Show. "It is simply a great spaceport for going to mid-inclination orbit," Musk said. "There is a very good chance that it makes sense to do those [ISS] missions from Virginia." Listen to the full audio of The Space Show from Thursday. MORE->

1 comment:

Barrie said...

Sorry Jack, but Elon does say "Down the road, when we are doing many, many space station servicing missions...". I don't think there is any suggestion that the proving flights will be done from Wallops.

When Soyuz can be launched from Kourou, would it make more sense to reduce the inclination of the ISS' orbit? Could that be done?