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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Google Moon 2.0 and $30-Million

Google is sponsoring $30-million in prizes for private companies to land a robot camera to roam on the moon and send back high-resolution photo data. The X-PRIZE Foundation [video] and Google have partnered to offer a $20 million top prize for a vehicle that can move around automatically and transmit data back to Earth and a second prize of $5 million for a stationary device that sends data. [NPR Audio Report]

A $5 million dollar bonus is offered for a robot vehicle that discovers ice or water, that can travel further than five kilometers or captures images of space vehicles abandoned there from old missions. The Grand Prize must be won by December 31, 2012. [Video highlights of announcement].

The X-PRIZE CUP is sponsoring Moon 2.0 [video] in New Mexico later next month. Armadillo Aerospace at the 2006 Lunar Lander Challenge got the competition GOING [video] and the space firm is ready for 2007 [video]. This is the road back to the Moon.

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gaetano marano said...


Hey Google, the Moonrovers Prize was MY idea!!!