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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Earth-Set on the Moon

"Earth-set" images shot by the HDTV onboard the KAGUYA, Japanese lunar spacecraft, now in orbit around the Moon, were today released by JAXA. The time laspe images are the Earth setting to the horizon near the Moon's South Pole. It took about 70 seconds from the left image to the right image (complete setting.) The movie of Earth-rise on the Moon is equally amazing but may require a few minutes of time to download too. See the post of Earth-rise, Earth-set.

Meanwhile, a CCTV report on China's lunar probe, Chang'e 1, defines its four scientific goals as it is set to begin orbital operations.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me why, when JAXA releases the first HD pictures of Earthset and Earthrise, they deliver it publicly in low-resolution flash which cannot be made full-screen or even resized? Earth looks about 1cm across on that video.