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Monday, December 17, 2007

NASA's Global Solar Power Map

NASA has located the world's sunniest spots by studying maps compiled from two decades of digital data from U.S. and European satellites. The space agency is releasing a color-coded map of the entire planet’s solar exposure. The sunniest spots show up as bright red and are primary possible locations of solar power collectors according to a recent report by Alister Doyle published around-the-globe.

Ministers and officials from over 100 governments and international organizations assembled in Cape Town, South Africa from 28 to 30 November 2007 to advance an internationally agreed plan for building a Global Earth Observation System of Systems, or GEOSS.


Barrie said...

The UK does have newspapers called The Daily Mail and The Guardian, but the Mail & Guardian you have linked to appears to be an African newspaper.

JackKennedy said...

Thank you Barrie for pointing out the location of the newspaper; an error on my part. The correction has been made by simply making reference to the author. The story has now been published in a number of media outlets. Again, thank you.