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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Romney to Study Space Policy

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney declined support for a proposal to add $2-billion to the NASA budget to enhance the future prospects of maintaining a human space program past 2010, when the last shuttle flight is scheduled, according to a report in Florida Today.

Romney did pledge to "study" the minimum five year gap between the launch of the last American space shuttle and the Constellation Ares-I spacecraft now in design phase.

Civil space policy is a significant issue in the Florida economy leading the Republican candidates to visit the Kennedy Space Center and talk with aerospace workers there.

1 comment:

John Benac said...

While I appreciate his willingness to look more into the issue, I am disappointed that he is not already a stronger supporter.

One important factor in his decision will be gaging public support. thats where we come in. has the tools to allow you to give Mitt the feedback to help him make his decision. Lets all tell Mitt why space exploration is important.