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Monday, February 18, 2008

Clinton Backs Space Exploration Policy

The Texas Democratic primary election is finally drawing the presidential candidates more to the front on the policy issue of human space exploration. An issue close to the heart of thousands of civil space industry workers, space policy was raised in seperate interviews by The Houston Chronicle with Hillary R. Clinton and Brack H. Obama.

The newspaper editorial board found that Hillary Clinton was much more "enthusiastic" than Obama about human space travel noting her remarks: "I intend to pursue an ambitious agenda in both space exploration and earth sciences," the first viable Democratic female presidential candidate said. "I want to support the next generation of spacecraft for a robust human spaceflight program."

Obama, on the otherhand, noted the next president needs to have "a practical sense of what investments deliver the most scientific and technological spinoffs — and not just assume that human space exploration, actually sending bodies into space, is always the best investment."

Meanwhile, the advisors to Clinton and Obama debate their candidates science positions to the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Boston Sunday. Many in the nation seek to have the Science Debate of 2008.


Anonymous said...

she lies, she will cut fundind 'cause most people do not know how little nasa gets from the buget (.1%).

he tells the truth, he will cut funding 'cause people think nasa gets too much money.

either way a pox on them both for KNOWING HOW LITTLE NASA GETS and pandering to ignorent voters on an aesy whiping boy

if the only isue that made you vote was spce funding, i repeat if space were all ya cared about the you should vote mccain.

JackKennedy said...

I beg to differ on YOUR view of Hillary Clinton's veracity on space policy. Hillary has been the most consistent candidate of each of the 2008 presidential candidates.

Just this year, she co-sponsored the bill to provide NASA extra funding to boost the construction schedules; she supports Earth Science; and, seeks to make science policy more of an important issue.

Nonetheless, you are right, my concern in 2008 is driven more by civil, commercial and military space policy than the more silly issues that are raised by the media that frankly waste OUR time.

I will be both pleased and honored to post and focus attention to Sen. John McCain when or if he provides some "Straight Talk" on civil, commercial, and/or military space issues. I respect his sometimes maverick streak.

Texas or Ohio may finish Hillary should she loose either of those primaries March 4, then there can be a honest debate on the lesser known space policies of McCain and rightfully compared to Obama at that time.

Space access should be a more part of the national debate. There are many associated issues among the civil, commercial, and military space sectors that need to be aired.

There is little dispute, however, that Hillary Clinton has taken the foremost favorable position on civil space policy in the 2008 presidential campaign at this point. But is ain't over yet!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your right about clinton, yet I still am wary of her. As to her being done with I disagree. obama is a hack and will be exposed as such and she will do what it takes to win. also, the super delegates will bow to her. when the media eventualy looks at obama and sees nation of islam workers in his top positions, che flags, pro terror fund raisers sitting with him AND the lie about his getting ridof asbeastos in detoit people will realize that he is an empty shirt.

politics is too important to be left to fakes like obama, and hill is way to polarizing to get centrist to support her in a general election.

mccain will be our next prez, he will keep the iranians from the bomb, the neo-communist in the media will bit#@ but we in the US will be better off.