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Friday, February 29, 2008

Obama Critical of NASA Manned Space Program; Return to the Moon in Doubt

Democratic presidential candidate Barack H. Obama indicated in an Ohio television station interview that NASA's unmanned program may be more seriously favored than its human program raising the spector that a human return to the moon could be in very serious trouble should he reside in the White House.

"The launch to Jupiter!?"

Obama wants a detailed review of NASA spending, he stated in the TV interview on WKYC-TV in Ohio. Last November Obama indicated that he would delay an American Return to the Moon for several more years leaving the moon to the Chinese astronauts to explore.

Obama faces Democratic presidential contender Hillary R. Clinton in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont primaries Tuesday [video]. Clearly, she [Clinton] has a more favorable civil space policy that would sustain the Vision for Space Exploration.

Come Tuesday, Barack has as much to LOSE as Hillary has to GAIN. VOTE! Then we can explore John McCain's space policy positions going into November.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Less then one half of one percent.

The pay back on investment?

The guy PANDERS to the uneducated/misinformed/knee jerk American cant-ers,/surender to islam fools amoung us.

This is soooo typicle of his politics. He see that most people have know idea what we spend at NASA and takes advantage of it to make hay.

He knows full well that we spend more on pens then NASA but he donte care. He would kill NASA to get a one point bump in his poll #s.

Thinkl about this, he would allow our enamy Red China to push past us.

Why? "cause he cares more about himself then US.

HACK! Poser! Fake! COWARD!!!!!!