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Friday, February 29, 2008

Starchaser Looking for New Launch Pad

The Hyde, England-based rocket firm Starchaser Industries, PLC appears to be on the move and out of New Mexico looking for other launch sites within the United States or Europe, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News.

Steve Bennett, chief executive of Starchaser Industries, won a $200,000 European Space Agency [ESA] contract about one year ago to submit an analysis of the proposed Thunderstar Starchaser 5 [animation video] rocket and to develop a business plan on the sustainability of space tourism. The proposed capsule would aloft one pilot and two passengers on suborbital spaceflights. The capsule would return by parachute [animation video].

"It became clear that New Mexico may not be the optimum location from which to conduct Starchaser operations," Bennett noted in an e-Mail to a reporter. "Launch location offers from Florida, as well as Europe, are therefore under consideration as possible alternatives."

Only 18-months ago, Starchaser had indicated that it would construct a "Rocket City" and spaceflight training facility in Southern New Mexico.

In November 2001, Starchaser successfully launched the 12-m tall Nova, which included a one-person crew cabin [Video 1 and 2].


Anonymous said...

this is a pipe dream. I admire the mans drive and vision but it will never happen. said...

While I am not sure whether or not this is a "pipe dream," they may have to increase the number of passengers if they are going to compete against Virgin Galactic, not to mention Dream Chaser.