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Monday, February 18, 2008

TARGET NROL-21/USA-193 Wednesday!

US Navy Aegis cruiser ships equipped with the modified Standard Missile 3 Block 1A will almost certainly bring down in a ball of fire the disabled top secret intelligence satellite dubbed NROL-21 or USA-193 just days before it starts re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere with the first shot set for 10:30 PM EDT Wednesday.

The 150-mile high circular orbit of the malfuctioning satellite continues to decay but the military, by launching it first attempt to shoot down the satellite, will have a back-up contingency should it fail in the $40 to $60 million attempted missile-to-satellite intercept Wednesday.

If the initial shot fails, a decision will be made whether to take a second one. But it has to be taken before the satellite hits the atmosphere or the chances of a strike would be "next to impossible" due to atmospheric disturbances.


Anonymous said...

Seems all over the web, blogging on this subject has been closed, or never offered on the major news outlets, seems very strange. No comments here yet either? Let's see if this gets any exposure...

I doubt most of what's been fed to us about this, and the information has been hard to believe, even to those like myself who aren't so highly educated.

Reports of a modified but standard heat seeking missle being used to down a cold satelite, loaded with toxic hydrazine. So, why are we using a heating seeking missle for a satelite that has no power or functionaly thrusters? Seems a stretch to me. And why the ground based firing, when we have F15's capable of hitting higher orbit targets (already done). Is it a spy satelite, or a weopon of mass destruction? We wouldn't want anyone knowing that was up there would we? But since that would be a matter of National Security, WE THE PEOPLE would never be allowed to know. But WE THE PEOPLE put it up there, or at least, allowed it to be put up there.

See where I'm going here?

The only thing you can be sure of, it we're not getting the whole story. And, in a free nation, that's more scarey than what's falling from space.

JackKennedy said...

The Navy will rely on the heat of the sun to warm the satellite's cold body to a temperature that can be picked up by the warhead's sensor. The launch is expected near sunset in the Pacific, after the spacecraft has been warmed by its transit through daylight.

All systems GO after weather threatened delay earlier today; we shall see.

Anonymous said...

Also, the test servre a larger strategic demonstrations.

A missle that is at sea, mass produceable and be similarly guided with IR, UV, RF, LADAR etc can be FIELDED in a few years time.

I think that we intentionaly tiped our hand as it were.

adversaries took note, just listen at the hypocracy from china and russia. To our alies we may be demonstrating streingth to suport our promises.

Old promises like Taiwan and Israel and Europe. This whole deal is best viewed with out the filter of the Islamic war.

Its old school geopolitics, with 21ct sabers.