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Friday, February 22, 2008

Space Tourists Going Orbital in 2009?

The Neptune TSAAHTO rocket is being readied for orbital flights in late 2009 by Mojave, California-based rocket manufacturer and launch provider Interorbital Systems (IOS) with one one astronaut-pilot and four astronaut-tourists into a fifty-one degree, 250-mile low-earth-orbit (LEO), for a period of up to seven days at a cost of $2.5-million per ticket. Today the firm announced a new promotional package and partership for ten orbital space tourists. Only eight of the ten tickets remain.

Buy a spaceline ticket now at the special promotional fare of $250,000 (regularly priced at $2.5 million), and get a full rebate two years after your orbital mission. That's the equivalent of a $2.5 million Ticket To Orbit For Free!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

pigs in space!
grt it?
when pigs fly.

while in the sky they can eat pie.