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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clinton-Obama Standoffs April 16/19

Space industry advocates may have more chances to ask space-related questions in what may be the last two Democratic presidential debates between Hillary R. Clinton and Barack H. Obama April 16 and 19. The debates may help shape the Democratic Party's race as to who will face would-be Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Too few space questions have been asked of the presidential candidates outside of brief editorial questions in Texas and a TV news segments in Ohio. Someone may yet ask a question about commercial space launches, ITAR space technologies, and/or space treaties IF mainstream media questions may advance beyond gender and race, the Iraqi War, health care, or a pop quiz of name the Russian president. There needs to be a science journalist on one panel.

Clinton and Obama will debate April 16 in Pennsylvania sponsored by ABC News and April 19 in North Carolina sponsored by CBS. Pennsylvania voters go to the primary polls April 22 and North Carolina voters on May 6. And, who knows, there may yet be a Space Coast, Florida debate?!


Anonymous said...

why would a person whos spiritual advisor thinks the us created aids, did 911 and has members of the nation of islam want to fund NASA? He wouldnt.

Ya know what, WE ALL KNOW that is he were white hill would have a lock on the nod...If we Americans cant say that during an election, what will we not be able to say IF he is elected...Will fight for NASA make us "insensative to the needs of the poor"?

He already said he will cripple NASA

John, please post this, it IS relavent (if poorly spelled)

Anonymous said...

Change! (change to no space program)

Hope! (hope that that china and russia dont take a lead in space tech)

I condem the preachers remarks now that others know what he said.