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Friday, March 21, 2008

Cosmic Blast Detected from Billions of Years Ago by NASA Swift Satellite

The NASA Swift satellite detected the brightest cosmic explosion ever recorded from the Earth with the naked-eye on March 19 as a massive gamma ray burst of energy known as GRB 080319B half-way across the universe or 7.5 billion light years away. Gamma ray bursts are among the most violent phenomenon produced in the universe, [NASA Video about Swift].

Gamma ray bursts occur when huge stars use up all their fuel and their core collapses, forming black holes or neutron stars that release bursts of gamma rays, ejecting particles into space at nearly the speed of light and generating afterglows. National Geographic reports more on the record-setting explosion.

Eta Carinae is expected to provide a large blast one day in near cosmic time [Stardate] lighting the night sky more than the Moon! Swift will be looking for it in the meanwhile [video].


Anonymous said...

That is incredible. I heard that one of these explosions has as much energy as the entire life of our sun. 7.5 billion light years away, huh, yet there are people who still believe our universe is MUCH, MUCH younger. Time to wake up and see the truth.

Anonymous said...

Why must people of faith be side swiped in a cheap shot by you?

Tell me, exactly, what happened 3 mins BEFORE the big bang?

No answer? Hmmm, or where did everything come from that went into the universe? GOD thats where.

Science and physics prove that GOD is a scientist and that he is wounderously real.


Anonymous said...

I didn't say anything about GOD. If he created everything, that is a fantastic discovery that will win the nobel prize when the hard facts are presented. They are putting some new satellites in space that will be able to tell what happened pre Big Bang. I will tell you the answer to your question with in the next couple of decades. If we have always been firm in all are beliefs, we may still be grounded, hiding behind our good books, WHOMEVER we may choose to worship. No one is trying to prove anyone wrong, we are just looking for the right answers. I have seen a lot of people wearing black shirts with white collars, that are starting to have a whole different outlook on science. Are they bad people? No, they are curious of the facts presented.

Anonymous said...

You said "Time to wake up and see the truth."

What did you mean?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment as an anonymous - don't know how to log on with my chosen username which is Dixie.
Question: is this cosmic blast related to a rumour I found on (the largest ever recorded Cosmic Blast of 40 megahertz radio wave, with a coded signal that said: I am, I come). I haven't the foggiest if this is plausible or just total nonsense. Can anyone help me out here?

Anonymous said...

I tink's it's time eh ;o)
twould be nice to see some good changes around here... I am I come, what would that be like ;O)
A 40 mhz blast message thats received by ALL peoples subconsciously ... wow, and we're having major bi-polar activities within the peoples now hmmm......
the new game, spaceopoly haha