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Monday, March 10, 2008

South Korea Replaces First Cosmonaut

South Korean space officials have named 29-year old female Yi So-yeon [vid] as the prime cosmonaut crew member and the first Korean national to go to space after replacing its initial choice, Ko San, at the request of Russian space authorities. [vid]

Ko allegedly violated regulations at a Russian space training center leading to his removal from the now scheduled April 8 space flight aboard the Soyuz TMA-12 booster rocket to the international space station, according to the International Herald Tribune.

Yi So-yeon, who holds a doctoral degree in bio systems engineering, will work aboard the International Space Station for about a week with two Russian cosmonauts, conducting scientific experiments. The mission will make South Korea the world's 35th country and Asia's sixth to send an astronaut into space.

The two South Korean cosmonaut candidates have been training together the past year after having been selected as the finalists to train in Moscow. Ko had been named the prime and Yi the back-up until today.

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