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Saturday, April 05, 2008

F-22 Raptor as Space Fighter?

The F-22 Raptor is an adaptable high-technology military flying machine with capability to become an early 21st Century anti-satellite weapon launcher, according to a recent report indicating that a derivative of the Aim-120 AMRAAM missile is being modified for just such a new mission.

A senior U.S. Air Force official confides that the capability is inherently that of a cheap, rapidly-deployed, air-launched weapon for shooting down satellites in low-Earth orbit if the service or Missile Defense Agency were to order its further refinement and development.

“If you put the missile in an F-22 [Raptor] and launch it at Mach 2 and 60,000 ft. while in a zoom and at a 45-degree angle, you’ve got an ASAT capability against spacecraft in low-earth orbit,” says one USAF General.

Air Force planners are said to be adamant that the missile be on forward deployed, manned fighters like the F-22 Raptor. Tactical air planners bring up the frustration in the 1991 Gulf War when pilots could see Scuds ascending but had no way to attack them.

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Anonymous said...

Directed energy weapons are the future for Americas fighters (re scuds)

Anonymous said...

Directed energy weapons such as microwaves. Laser weapons had a big shock when they found that a shiny surface was all that it took to defeat it.