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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Night Sky Delight Underway

The planets Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction along with a slice of Moon in the post-dusk night sky for the Thanksgiving Holiday, notes the Norwich Bulletin. On Saturday night, Nov. 29, the planets will appear the closest, with Jupiter only 2.4 degrees above Venus. A low view of the southwest of horizon is essential with the Moon joining the picture boldly on Monday evening December 1st. NASA provides more viewing insight. Videos 1*****, and 2 and 3 provide deeper explanation. Enjoy the view!


Jeff said...

Yes this main picture view is more the view I get from north carolina. I'll try to get a decent picture 12-03 early evening.

Jeff in raleigh

Jeff said...

the main picture is the view I get from raleigh NC I'll try to get a decent pic early next evening as sky should be clearer.