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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama NASA Transition Now Five

President-elect Obama has named four former National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials and the current Executive Director of the National Space Society (and Virgin Galactic advisor) to the NASA Transition Team to plan for the next pro-space administration.

Alan Ladwig [pictured] and Lori Garver, both former NASA associate administrators for policy in the Clinton Administration; Ed Heffernan, then-NASA Administrator Dan Goldin's chief of staff; Roderick Young, Goldin's one-time press secretary; and, and George Whitesides, executive director of the National Space Society and senior adviser to Virgin Galactic make-up the named members of the NASA Transition Team. More from ParabolicArc.

Tom Wheeler is spearheading the Obama-Biden Transition Project Agency Review Working Group for science, space, technology and arts agencies. This working group includes former Virginia Lt. Governor Donald Beyer, Jr.

1 comment:

MikeK said...

Future Pres. Obama, don't scrap Constellation and Ares rocket development in favor of Atlas V or Delta IV rockets. That horse has already been beaten to death! They can't do what Constellation will. Stick with it and get it done and we'll benefit for years to come.