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Monday, November 24, 2008

Space as an economic stimulus?

President-elect Barack Obama's planned economic stimulus may total $500 Billion to $1 Tillion in what will be the most significant financial jolt to the national economy since the New Deal, reports The Washington Post.

Space infrastructure creates high-tech jobs, enhances innovation, advances modern science, and increases human knowledge investment. Should civil and commercial space infrastructure be a part of the Obama economic stimulus plan?

Comments? Please offer-up your rational civil and/or commercial space infrastructure wish list! Secondly, call, e-mail, snail-mail and see your Congressman with it.


Neo said...

in response to the first paragraph, the new deal did much to stabilize the economy but I was really WWII that saved the US economy

I think retiring the shuttle is a bad idea, I keep saying I am supprised NASA spent so long with that as the only space craft in their fleet, I think keep the shuttle and add to the fleet.

best thing would be to build a "star ship" in orbit, use the shuttle to do this and shuttle the crew and payload to the new star ship, makes sense to me.

Quantum_Flux said...

A starship? Are you mad?

Neo said...

no I am not crazy. think of the savings not having to blast off under earths gravity. You build a ship in the water, right? why not build a space ship in space? We constructed the ISS in orbit, why not a large space craft?

quantum_flux said...

Yeah, but you can't call that a "Starship" if it never leaves the gravity well potential of our sun. Perhaps a Moonship or an Asteroid-Ship, but not a Starship.

Neo said...

well I am calling it a starship lacking another name for it, how about an interplanetary cruiser, or simply a spaceship, If you ever read or saw 2001 a space odyssey or the star trek films you would know what I am talking about. I am just picturing a large vehicle made in space that would be the main travel vehicle to the other planets and use the shuttle to 'shuttle' the crew to and from