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Saturday, February 21, 2009

North Korea Threatening Missile Launch

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il isalongside soldiers; 3rd son named successor.

While United States Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton travels the East stressing 6-way talks on North Korea's nuclear programs, military planners in the small Communist state have decided to sabre-rattle threatening intermediate and long-range missile tests.

Jane's Defense Weekly has reported that North Korea plans a missile launch from the Musudan-ni spaceport site on the communist country's northeastern coast based, in-part, on satellite imagery. A prototype Taepodong 2 intermediate-range ballistic missile or a Paektusan 2 orbital space launch vehicle is expected to be launched if North Korea proceeds as indicated.

The military and diplomatic bluster from North Korea could simply be a test of the metal of President Barack Obama. North Koreans tested the resolve of former President George W. Bush time and again. President Obama may exercise the option to placing US missile defense systems on alert.

Iran recently conducted a space launch and use similar technology to the North Koreans.

1 comment:

Barrie said...

Please, no alerts.

Kim Jong-Il wants to portray the West as a threat to his people. Instead of sabre-rattling, we should congratulate them on whatever success they have playing with rockets and ask them if they want any help. Instead of being alarmed, we should patronize them mercilessly. If they want to drag themselves belatedly into the 20th century, we should congratulate them for it.

If they ever go too far, we can blow them away in an afternoon, and they know it.