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Friday, March 13, 2009

Clean Coal Dusts Obama NASA Candidate?

Steve Isakowitz, the frontrunner for the NASA Administrator's job, has been taken down by a group of his opponents on Capitol Hill because of an alleged $500 million "mathematical error" in the US Department of Energy's calculations used to cancel the world’s first near-zero emissions $1.8 Billion coal-fueled power plant in Illinois known as FutureGen, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

Florida’s Democratic senior Senator Bill Nelson was reportedly a key player in the so-called 'take down' of what many saw as Obama's favored NASA Administrator candidate. Nelson reportedly favors former astronaut Charlie Bolden.


MAtt said...

I made a post related to that mathematical error. FutureGen was actually a clean-coal demonstration plant.

Check out the report by Congress to see how badly the Dept. of Energy messed up.

Coal said...

It is a bit of juggling game in the coal industry and coal prices from underground mines to ensure enough electricity and steel capacity worldwide while making sure the impact on the environment and people is minimal.