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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mexico to Build Spaceport in Quintana Roo

The nation of Mexico will commece construction of a new spaceport later this year following the decision of the Mexican National Congress to fund a satellite launch facility Quintana Roo on the border with Belize. The location was chosen after extensive studies in part because of its proximity to the Equator according to state planning minister Jose Alberto Alonso Ovando.

Last year the Mexican national assembly approved nearly $2-million to wage a start-up of a new space agency known as AEXA to coordinate research and work with universities and the private sector to launch communication and weather satellites. Mexico seeks to advance in diverse fields of science and technology, including robotics, electronics and telecommunications.

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John Kavanagh said...

The coastline around Tulum and the beautiful Caribbean Sea waters would also offer a great landscape for suborbital space tourism.