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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wallops Scrubbs Friday Night Launch at 2 Minutes, 13 Seconds into Final Countdown

LAUNCH WEBCAST -- The 69-foot Minotaur I rocket has been delayed for the third time due to an electrical voltage anomaly 2 minutes, 13 seconds prior to the launch command . The soonest launch date is now Tuesday, May 19th. Twitter the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport launch pad for details.

The Air Force Research Laboratory's $60 million satellite, TacSat-3, which includes ARTEMIS, a hyperspectral imager built by Raytheon Co. and designed to provide real-time images to military commanders on the battlefield should be launched at the soonest May 19th.

The NASA Wallops Flight Facility will now yield on-site launch opeartions to support the STS-125 Atlantis space shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Center set for Monday, May 11th.


John Curran said...

I'm watching the live video feed from Wallops, but I don't see a rocket on the launch pad, or anywhere nearby. Where is it? It isn't where it should be, judging from all the pictures I've seen from previous TACSAT-2.
With T-4 hours and counting, do you know how they're going to get the rocket onto the pad in time for launch?

Anonymous said...

The launch has been cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Am hoping the launch is successful before the start of next week. Positive improvement to the safety of humankind!

Anonymous said...

The rocket is on the pad. Maybe it was covered by the gantry due to all the lightning?

JackKennedy said...

The rocket is covered by a gantry until all systems are in final go for rapid service of the stages. At roughly T-minus one hour it is rolled back. So, perhaps, the clouds will finally part and we will see this one put 'fire in the sky.'

May showers bring June grass growing whislt keeping rocket science (and mil apps on the ground). It will go next time ... the charm!