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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paris Air Show Opens Monday for the Week

The 2009 Paris Air Show opens Monday, June 15 and continues each day until Saturday, June 20th with aircraft and space hardware being displayed and/or flown from around the globe [related].

The European Space Agency plans to show new space technologies while the US military is bringing the F-22 to the show but it is barred now from foreign export. Today several aircraft started rehearsal including this 330S plane. More video from Sunday in Paris are here [and more Fotos].

EADS is unveiling at the Paris Air Show the latest version of the Advanced UAV System it was announed today. The New York Times is reporting a down economic tone at the world famous air show. France24 notes the damper on the show in a video report. The Huffington Post discusses the F-22 Raptor apperance at the show but the world's most technologically advanced fighter jet will NOT be allowed to touch down on the Le Bourget runway.

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April C. said...

When you have time would love to have a report about the air show, Jack!