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Saturday, October 17, 2009

'Tank on the Moon' Will Rise Again?

'Back to the USSR' and the too little told story of the success of the first lunar robotic rover is told. In the nearly one-hour video entitled: 'Tank on the Moon,' the story is told about the Lunokhod project remaining the only lunar robot rovers operated on the Moon beginning in the 1960's.

Soon in the 21st Century Space Age future, India, Russia, and China will be about the now better known and mapped lunar surface resources. Geological resources mapped and identified by European, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and American lunar orbital spacecraft over the past several months and continuing through this very day may prove to be a treasurer trove upon reflective analysis.

Nonetheless, the 1960's Soviet technology associated with the Lunokhod project is worthy of review by any nation or private sector group endevoring to operate on the surface of the Moon. Google Lunar X-Prize robot rovers built in the global commercial environment may well be roaming the Moon too (2.0).


Rebekah Lou Taylor said...

Thanks for the link to the video.

Steverman said...

This was shown on the Science Channel a few times in the past year. I was amazed at how advanced this group was, and what they accomplished with the resources they had. Nothing short of amazing.