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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

STS-129 Undocked from ISS Today; Possible Tandum Sighting in Early Evening Skies

The Space Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-129 has undocked from the International Space Station this morning following three successful spacewalks and delivering long-term supplies to the orbital lab. Millions along the eastern United States have the opportunity to see the space shuttle and space station flying across the skies in the early evening this day in an unsual tandum double flyby spaceflight. For specific times in your location click Satellite Flybys and enter your US zip code. Clear skies!


Vossinakis Andreas said...

Already observed both (ISS first and about 3 degrees behind the Shuttle) from Thessaloniki, Greece

JackKennedy said...

Caught the double-flyby of the ISS and space shuttle tonight in the very clear sky of rural western Virginia. It was one of the best sights since first seeing the ESA ATV Jules Verne in tandum with ISS.