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Friday, January 15, 2010

Bolden Reviewing Heavy-Lift Configurations

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is to review all Heavy Lift alternatives to the current plan (Ares-V). NASA is reporting that the DIRECT Jupiter launch vehicle will be among those considered today. The Sidemount HLV may also be in the review contention but the referenced report says it may be loosing policy traction. Civil space policy is expected to have President Obama's imprint on or prior to February 1, 2010 when the next federal budget proposal is announced by the White House.


Terence Clark said...

Any ideas if changing gears is actually in consideration here? Seems there's a lot of dancing about with alternatives in NASA lately without any actual chance of changing gears.

I doubt they'll take any major action with AresI, btu replacing AresV I think has a long enough development lead on it that it might happen.

JackKennedy said...

There should be an evolution in the heavy-lift booster upon there being presidential direction of NASA's new mission under this administration. Flexiability in use and closing the space launch gap for varied missions should be the key policy and technology drivers, IMHO.