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Sunday, January 03, 2010

FOR SALE: Two Slightly Used Space Shuttles for $42-Million Each Without Launch Pads

The space shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis are FOR SALE for a mere $42-million each next year with the market being American museums. NASA has told museums around the country that they can have a genuine space shuttle if they're willing to pay $42 million, according to the Houston Chronicle. The two space vehicles do have high milage but are in good shape needing only minor repairs following their last flights later this year.

The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum has been guaranteed space shuttle Discovery. There it will join other legendary space vehicles such as space shuttle Enterprise and the Apollo 11 Lunar Module.

1 comment:

Michael Turner said...

Maybe Larry Ellison will start a museum just to qualify as a buyer. I think not, though -- he mainly buys vehicles that he can actually fly or sail himself, even if it's a MiG fighter that he's not allowed to bring into the U.S.

Honestly, I think any museum could pay 1/3rd as much or less to have a convincing mockup made -- perhaps employing cheap offshore labor to duplicate existing wear-and-tear based on inspection photographs. Why bother buying one, except so that people can touch it and say, "this really *was* part of the most expensive Earth-to-orbit transport system to date, by any measure you can think of -- including, incidentally, the number of lives lost."

Perhaps they should be given to the Russians -- studying our shuttles might slow them down, if nothing else.