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Monday, February 08, 2010

Shuttle Endeavour STS-130 Makes Orbit

BANANA RIVER VIP LAUNCH VIDEO: The 4:14 AM Monday countdown went smoothly at the Kennedy Space Center in Flordia for a pre-dawn launch of the space shuttle Endeavor STS-130 now on the way to orbit and to dock with the International Space Station later this week. SpaceFlightNow has live mission status updates throughout the mission. Linked is another unique launch video.

In the wake of the Washington space policy changes and on the second consecutive launch attempt, the launch team did an outstanding job as they passed primary to Mission Control of the Johnson Human Spaceflight Center in Texas as Endeavour climbed flawlessly through the night sky to orbit. The STS-130 is also carrying an Apollo 11 Moon rock to place at the ISS.

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Joel Raupe said...

Thanks, Alan. We edited the Project M post and we dodging clouds in coastal Carlina, last night, watching the end of boost phase, reminiscing about having watch Apollo 17 take off from 200 miles away in deep South Florida, a million years ago. We've been well placed for high-inclination night Shuttle launches for fifteen years. There were better posts to watch those flights but few so far away from street lights and Pad 39. - Joel R