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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ukrainian Rocket Engineers to Assist Taurus 2

Several Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine-based rocket scientists-engineers will be taking-up residence in-and-around the Eastern Shore of Virginia this year to assist Orbital Sciences Corporation launch the first Taurus 2 booster to low earth orbit and subsequently several missions to the International Space Station providing cargo and re-supply.

The first-stage core tank design and design verification services will be provided by the Ukraine-based KB Yuzhnoye (Zenit-derived heritage) and Yuzhmash will be providing core tank production under contract with Orbital Sciences Corporation. The Ukraine space launch firms have a strong aerospace development backgrounds.

The plan for medium class commercial space launch booster Taurus 2 is to use two of the Aerojet AJ26-62 rocket engines, originally designed by Samara, Russia-based Kuznetsov, and derived from the NK-33 engine developed by the former Soviet Union for the ill-fated N-1 moon rocket of the 1960s and 1970s. The engines will be tested soon at NASA Stennis Space Center.

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Vincent said...

a truly international collaboration!