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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Lunar Outpost 2050 Touted at Global Lunar Meet-Up; Japan Corp Plans Luna Solar Ring

Scientists at the 2010 Global Lunar Conference in Beijing, China unveiled a preliminary plan Wednesday of what a future lunar base on the moon would like when it is built in the year 2050.

The first lunar base will be constructed underground and will include a biological experiment module, research module and straining center module, said Dr. Bernard H. Foing, executive director of International Lunar Exploration Working Group told the gathering from 26 nations with more detail from the Global Times.

The Global Times reported earlier this week from the Global Lunar Conference that China is prepared to advance a second robot satellite probe to the Moon - Chang'e-2 - estimated for launch in October 2010.

Meanwhile, Japanese visionaries at construction firm Shimizu Corporation have touted the so-called Luna Ring, a lunar solar power plant that would be a 6,800 mile belt of solar panels built around the moon's equator, whose power is transmitted back to Earth using microwave and lasers.

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