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Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Moon Still Has Human Appeal

A plurality of 37% of the 151 respondents to the on-line poll want humanity to return to the Moon and build a lunar base while 23% want a direct human mission to the planet Mars. On the other hand, 19% each want a human mission to the asteroids or nuclear propulsion driven human mission to the Jovian moon Europa and the Saturian moon Titan.

Comments are welcome from poll and non-poll participants making the case for the designation world you may prefer and, do please tell why.

It is essential that resources be dedicated appropitately now to make the essential steps to undertake human missions out-of-earth-orbit in the next decade. With American, Chinese, European, Indian, Japenese, Russian unammed space probes having been sent to lunar orbit in the last few years, a consensus must be forged for the first multinational human endeavor beyond earth orbit.


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Anonymous said...

If it's essential that resources get directed appropriately, an anonymous online poll sure ain't the way to do it!

This poll is founded on the presumption that what it's all about is the destination. That's hooey. I note that hardly anyone wanted humanity to orbit Venus, or to visit the nearest star. I really think that we should visit the nearest galaxy, but I respect the fact that it might be a while before we can do it. A more interesting poll would be why people think human space flight should be supported, and in what ways voyages outside of LEO might serve that purpose.