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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Electrodynamic Space Thruster Concept 2010

Moacir Lorena Ferreira Jr. recently released a paper and and video [above] on the conceptual Electrodynamic Space Thruster produce an astonishing designed to propulsive force in deep space, using a sequenced pattern of phase-shifted electric oscillations, in theory. Reader comments are encouraged.


Quantum_Flux said...

It sounds like a few different concepts, I think I gather the following:

One is a linear accelerator that operates as a microwave or radar wave guide which gradually increases in frequency. That should work, albeit very slowly accelerating due to the small momentum yet achieving high speeds due to the light speed velocity of photons. (This resonance is achieved by slowly adjusting the capacitor).

Second, I think it is about collecting ions in space (like the ionic breeze) and then accelerating those ions with microwaves which should propel the engine in the opposite direction (perhaps this works best in high ion density locations such as in birkeland current paths).

Third, I noticed it also mentions the crossfire fusor which is a device that fires ions into each other at high speeds which thereby causes fusion to occury and then those super hot fused ions are directed or propelled at high speeds out the back of the engine device which provides equal and opposite momentum for the ship that it is on.

(as is usual, seeing it happen is much better than theories about it happening of course, haha)

Anonymous said...


Definitely gonna recommend this post to a few friends

Ryan said...

Here's a video with a simpler explanation.